Meet Frances M. Cuesta
Frances M. Cuesta

I equip professional women ages 30-60 years of age to rebuilt and reclaim their lives mind, body, and spirit after a loss or traumatic experience.

Healing Release Coaching™

Ms. Cuesta is a sought after expert on loss and life. As a certified life coach specializing in healing release, she travels the region helping individuals and families to rebuild after personal tragedies and trauma. Known for her authenticity and straight-from-the-hip approach, Frances's passion is fueled by her own pursuit of happiness and freedom. The personal challenges she has faced once seemed insurmountable. She has loved and lost. She has been beaten and broken. A domestic violence survivor, she has stared death in the face. But God had a different ending for her story. Today, she shares the unedited narrative of her life, inspiring others to redefine their own. An impassioned speaker, she delivers motivational messages to personal development, women's empowerment and grief/trauma support groups. Ms. Cuesta's diverse educational and professional experiences in the mental health and coaching fields inspire her passion for encouraging, empowering, and equipping women to improve and heal from trauma and loss.

Ms. Cuesta is a Desensitization Counselor who provides direct exposure for individuals experiencing workplace-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Frances is also a champion survivor of PTSD and knows the meaning of perseverance and healing. Frances Cuesta is a volunteer for the American Red Cross Action Disaster Team. Ms. Cuesta is also the founder and CEO of Reinvent U Boot Camps, LLC; a group fitness facility that provides a supportive environment where women can enjoy a variety of fun and diverse fitness classes while achieving their weight loss and fitness goals. At Reinvent U Boot Camps, the focus is on women "Losing Weight from the Inside Out" to adopt sustainable lifestyle changes that enhance their health and vitality.

In recognition of Ms. Cuesta's commitment to life coaching, health and fitness, community outreach, and entrepreneurial endeavors; she has received the Black Wall Street Entrepreneur Award, VIP Concierge Leadership Community Award, Entrepreneur of the Year award and the Omega Psi Psi Fraternity Inc. Theta Mu Mu Chapter (of Baltimore County) Community Achievement Award. Ms. Cuesta has been featured in several television, radio and publications, including the Dr. Oz show, WJZ fitness program, Doni Bmore News, WOLB radio, Grace & Glory Magazine, Heart & Soul Magazine, Baltimore Times, The Afro Newspaper, and Copa Magazine.

Ms. Cuesta's leisure pursuits include personal fitness workouts, Latin dancing, and cooking.

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