Reinvent U Daily Vitamins
Reinvent U Daily Vitamin -60-day Dose to Finding Your SPARK. Mind, Body, & Spirit

It's time to celebrate the new you, to leave behind those old negative beliefs and habits that are stealing away the happiness that you deserve. As a woman you are often tasked to wear many hats, and it is often easy to lose track of doing the things that make you happy.

This book focuses on removing the obstacles that takes away from making time for oneself. Each day a unique topic will challenge you to explore outside your comfort zone. Each dose of exercise, affirmation and prayer revolves around nourishing the mind, body, spirit. As an added bonus there is a page which is devoted to journaling or writing reflective notes.

Once this journey is started an adrenaline rush of positive energy will consume your body. You will find yourself thinking confidently and doing activities that make you happy. You will see how vital it is to fill your mind, body, and spirit with those thoughts that ignite your SPARK.



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